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Saturday, 1 July 2000

The first day of the new financial year. Not something I am usually so attuned to, but since it also means the first day of The New Tax System, ie GST, among other atrocities, this time I am very aware of it.

I ended up staying home sick yesterday as well, and canceling my massage appointments for today. I'm not really all that ill, but I didn't have much I could do at work yesterday anyway, and I don't get paid sick leave or anything (so no guilt) so I thought I may as well stay home, rest, and not infect everyone else. And then we went to the mall to stock up on drugs and vitamins and other bits and pieces, and that left me feeling shocking, so I thought I'd better cancel my massages in case I still felt that way today.

I actually feel sort of mostly OK, but probably doing three or four massages would have knocked me about a bit. I felt bad because I know at lease one of my clients was really wanting that massage, but at least I'm not infecting her! and hopefully she could book in with someone else tomorrow.

Chris is still in bed - he wasn't feeling well either by yesterday, and canceled his massages then, and is having today off. And we've got tomorrow off too. It's a bit like a holiday really. Shame about the money though.

I got my Natural Fertility Kit in the mail Thursday, which included the book Better Babies (normally it includes Natural Fertility, conscious conception & contraception, but I already have that), in which I was reading the diet section last night. I did a nutrition course last year as part of my continuing education training for massage, and it was good revision, going through the various vitamins and minerals and listing their main functions in nutrition - with a focus on fertility (male and female) obviously.

So I am freshly inspired to improve my (our) eating habits. Part of the trick for me, I think, may be to keep the kitchen in better order. I spent 45 minutes cleaning it last night (washing saucepans, unpacking and repacking the dishwasher (which is only a benchtop one), etc. I just can't cook in a messy/dirty kitchen, but usually, getting home at 7 or 8 pm, cleaning and then cooking doesn't really appeal either.

And I think maybe the other key is to make Chris eat more stirfry style stuff. I accused him - a month or two ago - of ruining my eating habits by being so fussy: he likes his vegetables cooked through, preferably in some kind of tomato based sauce, so that they taste more like the sauce than anything else. Well, he said, he never said he wouldn't eat the other stuff. I just took it on myself to totally change my eating habits to suit him. Duh!

So, I need to revert to cooking more the way I used to which is a) healthier, and b) way, way quicker. And as long as I leave broccoli out of it, he'll probably be happy just not to have to cook himself (lately he seems to do a lot more cooking than I do - I cooked last night, but I don't actually remember the last time I cooked before that).



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