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Friday 3 August 2001

Today I am going to see a GP, to have blood tests and whatever else it is GPs do when you get pregnant. Then on Tuesday we're going to a tour of the maternity ward and birthing centre at the Canberra hospital. We may go take a look the antinatal clinic at Calvary hospital too, which is over the other side of town, but I think the Birthing centre is going to be it. I got a much better vibe from them over the phone, and they're much more about midwife care. You just have to see an OB once at 20 weeks, to make sure you are not too high risk for the birthing centre, whereas the Calvary anti natal clinic you have to see a doctor 3 times, and I don't think they have as many midwives available. But we'll see.

I am hoping to talk to my friend Sabine who is also pregnant this morning. She's in the States, so it is hard to find a time when we are both awake and at home to talk. She is the one I sent the blanket I made to. It is nice to have someone else who is pregnant (but several months ahead of me) to talk to and tell me how it was for her. I mean you can read stuff, and people tell you what it was like for them years ago, but it's really nice to have someone who's just gone through it. And of course, since we haven't told most people yet, I am feeling a bit isolated in a way.

Feel free to email me and make me feel less isolated!

I am feeling a bit nauseous today for the first time. I slept in an hour longer than usual, and although Chris brought me some tea and toast at eight o'clock, it was already too late - I was famished and starting to feel sick. I'm trying to keep it at bay now by eating milk arrowroot biscuits, but it's not working all that well.

I was saying to Sabine in an email last night that I didn't expect to be so tired or so hungry this early on (5 weeks and 3 days!). But I am. I'm constantly starving, and I am tired all the time. I'm having something of a productive day today though. I've paid my phone and mobile bills, canceled my house & contents insurance (Chris is organising it with someone else today), finally changed my address for the mobile, and half unpacked one of the remaining boxes.