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Sunday 5 August

Day 40.

For the fist 37 days, or more correctly, from about day 20 to day 37, I was more starving than I have every been. Just constantly hungry. Since the nausea hit on Friday though, I've been less than excited about eating. I do it anyway, because as Sabine said to me on Friday, 'hunger is the enemy of the pregnancy woman'. I know I feel worse when I don't eat. In fact, generally I feel marginally better while eating, but that doesn't actually make me feel like eating.

I said to Sabine on Friday that it was hard to be at work learning this new job, especially having not told people that I'm pregnant, because all I'm actually interested in thinking or talking about is being pregnant. I said, 'I suppose that will change eventually'. Sabine said to let her know, because 7 months on it still hasn't done for her!

So, you may have noticed that my journal has become a bit preoccupied. Get used to it. : )

On a slightly different note, however, I have also been thinking about work. I wanted to get a permanent EL1 (executive level 1 job) before taking off on maternity leave, hence my application to work else where. But now I'm thinking maybe it's too late for that. I'm not sure that I really want to move to a new department and have to learn a new job any time in the next few months.

I also didn't want to get stuck in the department I'm currently working for. So assuming that I do go back to work in the public service after taking a year's mat leave, and assuming I want to work part time, it would be good to already have a job in another department - since it's likely to be hard to move to another department once I am part time. But, I am thinking that I do have a few contacts already in other departments, and a couple of people who I have recently worked for are looking like they may move on soon - so if I just keep those contacts perhaps that will be enough. After all, if I'm having trouble concentrating (or caring) enough to learn a job in an area I already know well, how much hard will I find it in a completely new environment.

That said, I haven't heard about the EL1s I applied for in a web services area of another department a couple of weeks ago, so if anything comes of that I may reconsider my position. Or, I may not, we'll see.