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Saturday, 6 July 2002

I've been off-line for a couple of months, while our computer has been out of commission. Hence the lack of any sort of updates. It is lovely to be sitting at my computer again tonight for the first time. I imagine updates will remain slim, but I will endeavour not to leave it two months again.

Liam is now three and a half months old. Supposedly everything is a breeze from about three months, but I don't know that I'd say it's any easier with him. The six week thing definitely worked - everything seemed to start to settle down around that time. But he's actually started crying quite a bit from around the 3 month mark - getting tired and crying before he goes to sleep (mostly in the evening) and also sometimes waking up crying after a half hour or so napping during the day. It's as though he's having nightmares or something.

It never happens at night though. At night he sleeps right next to me in bed, and when he wakes up for a feed (any time between about 2:30 and 5am, though usually closer to 3 than 5) I sit up and feed him right there. If I can I put him back down asleep at the end of that, but if he wakes up then (and he frequently does) I just cradle him against me and feed him some more lying down. We can both drift off then, but I tend to get uncomfortable after a while, and of course if I move he wakes up, so I try the other way first.

I must say while I haven't noticed an amazing improvement in our understanding one another at the 3 month mark, I don't mean to imply that it's awfully hard or anything. I guess the reality is that things have been getting steadily easier ever since my hormones settled down at about 2 weeks. With small set backs like this new waking up crying thing, but easier overall.

And my goodness is this boy clever! He is so advanced, no ordinary boy could possibly keep up. Everybody says so. Of course his 'cousin' (by several removes and a couple of marriages) Isaac, who was born just 4 weeks ago, is also very advanced. And his best friend in the world (should they ever meet) Jacob is beyond advanced - he's 10 months old now and still awfully cute. Of course, he lives in America with his mommy (my friend), so I have only seen photos. But Liam's way cleverer than any other ordinary boy, I'm sure of it. And way cuter. Tomorrow I will post a photo.

Right now I have to go to bed.