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Thursday, 6 December 2001

My thirtieth birthday fast approachth. I find myself feeling that I should be doing more to mark the occasion, but everything is so overwhelmed by Christmas stuff... We have three weekends left before Christmas. On one we will be going to the coast to celebrate Christmas and my mother-in-law's 70th birthday with some of Chris's family. On another we're having people over here - a bunch of my cousins and other family - for a family/Christmas get together. And on the third - well I imagine we'll be frantically Christmas shopping, if something doesn't come up in the mean time.

Of course, on the off days and hours we'll be painting. We have finally completed the spare room come baby's room to be, and put all the furniture back into place. The bed has a blue Indonesian ikat bedspread on it, plus yellow pillows and yellow & blue cushions, so it looks really great with the new yellow and blue walls. We are planning to spend this Saturday morning preparing the living room, and then take a day off next week to paint at least the wall in there which will have the bookshelves on it.

Hey, speaking of babies (weren't we?), we made our first baby purchase the other day. A blue baby bath. And, I finished the 'baby' blanket I was knitting, and yesterday in our 'secret santa' gift giving at work I was given my first baby toy - a soft toy rattle. So that's all pretty exciting. I am starting to feel really safe now that I'm 23 weeks! And now that I can feel the baby move about all the time.