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Tuesday 14 March, 2000

So I've spent most of this evening searching on the internet for my girl-babie's name of choice. No, I am not pregnant nor likely to be that way this year! But I am hoping to be next year. And I have had the girl's name option picked out for a while. The boy's Chris and I haven't been able to agree on yet. We also haven't been able to agree on a surname (probably hyphenated, but in which order?!), but we'll get there.

Anyway, the name is Mikaela. Or possibly Mikayla. Or Michaela. Or Micaela. Or Makaela. Or Michayla. Or Mikhaela. Or... Well, you get the idea I imagine. So I've been trying to find info on origins, which spelling's from from where, meanings, legends, etc. I've found lots of sites of babies names, but most of them are fairly superficial and don't give any more detail than "feminine form of Michael" and "Who is like God?" (with or without the '?' depending on the site).

I did find this page on the Legend of Mikayla, Goddess of the Isle of May. And lots of sites about babies and young children named Mikayla, Michaela or Mikaela (which are my preferred spellings I think, so I didn't do individual searches under all the other options). So I guess it's a fairly popular name. Oh well.

So if anyone out there who happens to read this page knows of any really good pages on the origins/history/legend associated with names, or just about the name Michaela (etc.) - please will you email it to me?

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