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Monday 15 April 2002 (Liam's day 26)

Liam at one week old - ain't he cute?Liam at one week. (I'll have up to date photos soon - we're getting a digital camera!)

Things change in Liam's life so quickly, I wish I were taking more time to chronicle it, not for future posterity so much as for now. The changes are so gradual I'm not sure I notice them properly.

For instance, he already seems so big, and I at first thought that was just me getting used to his tininess, but then he was weighed on Friday and he's already put on about a fifth of his birth weight.

Other changes are in his sleeping and eating patterns, how much eye contact he makes, how much he smiles... Today both Chris and I felt he was smiling at our facial expressions - Chris was making faces at him this afternoon and I was grinning at him this morning - rather than just smiling at some internal contentness. Not exactly smiling 'at' us, as such, but smiling in response to us.

The first time I felt that he was smiling in response to an outside stimuli (as opposed to just feeling full and content) was last Monday, when I played a piece of Music on a 'Mozart effect' CD that Chris's Dad had given us the day before. He grinned twice during the first piece of music on it, and once later in the CD.

The first grin that I saw was what William Sears calls a 'sleep grin'. That was on the Easter weekend - I think on the Sunday, so it would have been day 11 of his life in the world.

I can't wait until he smiles at me - making eye contact and smiling, or seeing me and smiling across the room. He has such a cute grin.

I'm half way through writing about the birth - I'll post it here when I get it done.