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Tuesday 16 October, 2001

Last night I had my first ever fainting experience. It was a very odd sensation.

I was taking a nap and had locked the front door including the wirescreen door, which my stepfather had just fixed for us that morning. Unfortunately Chris didn't have a key to that door. So when he got home at 6pm and couldn't raise me by knocking on the front door, he came over and banged on the ensuite window.

Well, that woke me up with a start. I leaped out of bed, grabbed a skirt and dragged it on as I rushed up the corridor to the front door. Sure enough it was Chris, so I let him in. I remember saying something like, "Wow you scared me - My heart is beating so fast!" Then I turned to walk into the living room and the couch, but on the way there I had that rushing sensation like when you've just stood up too fast and the room goes all black for a moment.

I think I decided to bend over and let the blood go back to my head, and I sort of remember moving to crouch down on all fours. What Chris saw was me sitting down but then not stopping, and ending up on my back.

The next thing I remember, I woke up from a dream on the living room floor, with Chris leaning over me asking if I was OK. I sat up with a start and said "What am I doing here?" The thoughts rushing through my mind were along the lines of the fact that I thought I'd been taking a nap, but why was I on the living room floor? I must have sleep walked.

Chris said "What you you doing here on the floor, or what are you doing out of bed?" I don't remember what I answered - probably just repeated my question I think: "What am I doing here?" The I remembered letting him in, and thought maybe it wasn't part of the dream, so I asked him if I'd just done that. He said yes, of course, and then gradually I remembered the rest. It was all really weird, having to recreate in my mind the whole of what happened from when I woke up to the banging on the window.

Of course, after all this I remembered that as my heart is already having to work 20% harder than usual because of all the extra blood in my body, I shouldn't be getting up too quickly - that's why fainting is not uncommon during pregnancy. In my defence though, I was still mostly asleep till I was at least half way up the hall. I actually thought the banging was coming from the bedroom window, which would have been quite a feat since it is quite some distance from the ground.

So anyway, I'm up to 16 weeks now, and still tired and nauseous - although the later is mostly in the afternoon and especially at night, so that's better than all day. I'm really just waiting for my body to realise that we're in the second trimester now (me and my body) and therefore it is allowed to stop with the tiredness and nausea....

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