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Sunday 17 June 2001

I spoke on the phone this morning to my friend in the States who's pregnant, and she sounds so happy. She's six months next week, and the whole time, every time I've talked to her, she has said being pregnant is just wonderful and that I'll love it. Well, I hope I get the chance to find out soon, and then I hope she's right

After I put all my archives back up recently, I started reading some of the entries I wrote early on. With my paper journal I used to do that a lot - read over the past few weeks or months, and even further back. But I hadn't done it at all with this journal until then.

I came across this entry, about starting to knit a blanket. Well, after I figured out how to knit again (with a bit of help from my mum), I knitted a 'trial' thing - kind of a wrap, I think I thought it would be - which I now use as a somewhat satisfactory blanket while I watch TV, and which the cats love to knead. I let them have it, rather than kneading me through my jumper. It's not really wide enough to be a blanket, and as my first attempt I figure the constantly changing row lengths is OK.

Once I'd finished with that I decided that maybe a blanket was a bit ambitious initially, and besides I didn't have enough wool left. So I knitted a scarf and sent it as a birthday present to some friends. One scarf, two birthdays, but hey, they're married, they can share. And besides I suspect that, while beautiful, the scarf may not have been all that good - it was really too bulky to be a scarf (what with the 2 cm wide needles and 4 strands of wool).

Anyway, then I finally started to knit the blanket, and had to go back to the wool shop to get some more wool and— one of the mohairs had sold out. I couldn't get it anywhere. So the blanket had to wait until this winter, when they finally could get some more stock. It's finished now:

This is the blanket I knitted.  Beautiful, isn't it?Just the right size for a baby - or snuggling under watching TV. But I've decided to give it to a friend who's having a baby, and make myself another one.

This one was with two purple threads, one light blue (almost grey) and one green. The next one is going to be with Royal blue, bright yellow, and a couple of complementary colours. That's the plan, anyway.

The only difficulty is that I really wanted to get a royal blue mohair, but that doesn't seem to be an option this year, so I've ordered a bright yellow mohair instead, and got a blue 8 ply. I'm just not sure if that will work or if the yellow mohair will be too overwhelming.