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Thursday 18 April

Liam is 4 weeks old today. It is hard to believe. Very hard. Last weekend I was thinking how it seemed like he'd been with us forever, and I couldn't believe Chris still had 2 weeks to go before he had to go back to work. Now I am absolutely astounded that Liam is nearly a month old. That it's 4 weeks since I gave birth to him. How can the time have flown so?

This morning I played a game with him where I stuck my tongue out slowly as far as it could go, and then opened my mouth wide open and then turned it into a grin. Liam opened his mouth wide and then turned it into a grin too. His whole face was involved - his eyes got that smiley look. And then this afternoon he seemed to smile almost at Chris. I'd just handed him over and he smiled up at him. It was the first smile we've seen that really seemed like it might be a social smile, not just what William Sears calls an 'internal smile' - one that's in response to his own internal pleasure. I can hardly wait till he does social smiles all the time.

Chris has gone shopping today with his Dad for a digital camera. Mick's going halves with us in the cost, which means we'll get something a lot better than we might have done. So there might be a 'daily' photo of Liam soon, but probably I won't put it on this actual page.

Another first today, I put Liam down to sleep. I mean, I put him down to fall asleep. Usually he falls asleep in our arms. Partly because we are trying to practice attachment parenting, and partly because he seems to have difficulty getting into a deep sleep otherwise - startles himself awake all the time, even if he's swaddled. But his morning he was trying to get to sleep but sort of fidgeting around, and I just intuited that he wanted something different. So I lay him down on a pillow next to me on the couch, and he just went straight off to sleep. After a bit - when I was sure he was really asleep, I lay down next to him and we slept for nearly two hours. It was lovely.