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Tuesday, 22 January 2002

30 weeks today.

I'm off work today, and should really be lying down, but there's only so long I can lie down for without getting depressed and uncomfortable. I would really hate to be on bed rest for a long period of time.

However, I will go lie down again soon. The reason I am off work is that I seem to have strained an abdominal muscle. It's been bothering me for a week now, and the only time it doesn't is when I lie down. Even then, if I've been up and doing stuff all day it's hard to find a comfortable position when I lie down at night. But, it always seems to be better in the morning, so I figure what I probably need to do is rest for a few days and nights in a row and let it heal.

This was my other story I was going to tell in the last entry. It started to really bother me on Tuesday at work (I think it may have started on Monday, but I'm not sure), and I was a afraid it was something to do with the baby. Mostly I was afraid it might be a partial placental abruption (where the placenta starts to come away from the uterus) which can become pretty serious. I called the midwife on call that night and after asking me a few questions she was reassuring. She thought it might be the uterus or a ligament stretching, and to try a hot water bottle. I had an appointment the next day anyway so she said if it was still bothering me to bring it up then, or if I felt I needed to come in earlier (my appointment was after lunch) that that would be fine.

The midwife the next day was also reassuring, and said she didn't think it was a ligament but might be a muscle strain. She also said if it got worse or was still bothering me the next day to call then up and come in to the birthing centre.

Of course it was still bothering me the next day, so in I went. Afterwards I wrote to a friend "The visit to the midwife was somewhat inconclusive, but not about the baby, who seems fine. She didn't think it was anything to do with the baby or uterus, but she put me on the Doppler heartbeat machine just to check that the baby was OK (monitoring the heartbeat against uterine contractions and against movements) and it was all fine. And did a urine check which even showed me to be well hydrated."

So that was all good. I figured then that it was a strained abdominal muscle. It's too superficial I think to be anything else. Somehow I'd kind of forgotten about all those abdominal muscles between the uterus and the skin! The midwife was going to get the registrar to look at me anyway, but she was seeing someone with an ectopic pregnancy and was going to be at least an hour or two, so the midwife suggested I just go home and rest and go back in on Friday if I was still worried. I think she was more trying to reassure me than herself by getting the registrar to look at me, so I didn't bother going back the next day.

However since it is still bothering me now, I have made an appointment to see my new GP tonight. Not because he can probably do anything or because I am still worried about the baby at all, but maybe he will give me a few days off work, which would be really nice! I think it basically just needs some time to heal, and every time I get vertical - especially walking around - it strains it more. After the visit to the birthing centre on Thursday I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed which was good, but then when Chris got home we went to see Mum in hospital (she is heaps better now by the way, and should be out of hospital today or tomorrow), and then went grocery shopping. By the time we'd walked around the store for a while I was really in pain.

Speaking of the baby, I think I have popped out a bit more again. I am starting to feel more unbalanced, and getting more backache. Of course, that could also be because of moving differently due to this abdominal strain.

The baby has been moving heaps the past few days too. More I think than before, although s/he's been moving a lot for a while now.