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22 June 2000

For the past week I've been extraordinarily busy - in a good way. And it is that, and not misery or depression over putting off (again) the baby thing, that has kept me from updating.

I guess I've pretty much come to terms with the delay in trying to conceive. Of course, we still don't know when it will be that we can start trying (b/c we don't know when Chris's second Rolfing course will be), and I am still hoping for earlier rather than later. Someone quoted the other day "the best laid plans go awry" - but I prefer to think the best plans are the flexible ones. I am a planner - no doubt about that - but generally I am very happy for my plans to be fluid - to change with each new piece of information or opportunity.

This is one of those times when the new information wasn't so welcome, but really, it brings with it more flexibility - since we had planned to have a baby before the second lot of Rolfing training, which gave us a pretty limited time frame - and also the opportunity to save more money, and get more experience in the public sector work I'm doing now. So those are good things.

That said, I'm still not thrilled about putting it off some more, and I will certainly continue to feel antsy about getting on with it - but then I was feeling that anyway. I'll just be feeling it for a little longer I guess.

So what have I been doing that's keeping me so busy? Well, I seem to have actually developed a bit of a life.

Let's see.... Last week: Wednesday I went to the Gym with Simone. Thursday.... Don't remember. Friday... don't remember. OK. this is going well. But seriously, I have been doing things.

On Saturday, after work, we had a PWAS get together at Sue's house, which was lovely. Then we rushed home, changed, and zipped back out again to have dinner at Mel & Brad's. That was great too, and we ended up staying past midnight - late, by my current standards. And drinking too much (by my current standards). I got to sleep in the next morning, kinda, but Chris had to get up and go supervise a bunch of massage students form 9:30am.

The rest of Sunday's a blur. I think we just veged at home. A well needed rest. Monday night I went to the Gym again with Simone, and she took me back to her place for dinner afterwards, and Chris picked me up from there. Tuesday night we worked late (till 7ish) and then went to Mick's house (eating on the way) for while - got home around 10pm ie my bedtime. Wednesday night I had a drinks thing on after work with the employment agency I'm with at the moment, and although I got there an hour late ('cause I worked till 6:15) I had fun. Afterwards I walked into town with someone I'd met there and had a coffee and Chris picked me up from there when he finished work.

Did you get that? Firstly, the very fact that I went to a social function where I wouldn't know a SINGLE person is hugely impressive. I just don't do that stuff. And then, I met someone and went and had coffee with her (at my suggestion). Be impressed!

And that brings me to today, when I worked till 5:45 and then came home. Yes, finally a night at home. Yay!

But now I have to go do some much needed house tidying - empty and repack the dishwasher, that sort of thing.



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