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Wednesday 25 July 2001

I realise that I've been remiss and forgotten to mention that Chris and I decided earlier this month to put off trying to get pregnant until December. We gave it two months and it didn't happen, and this way we figured we'd have a lot more money, and I wouldn't be pregnant while Chris was away doing the Rolfing training in October/November.

We were working with the idea that as long as I was past the first trimester by the time he left, that would be OK. And on that basis we could have given it another month. But I guess we were starting to worry about finances (we'll be going a few thousand more into debt for Chris's Rolfing training), and also I was thinking maybe I should start looking for jobs in other departments and the level I was acting at until 30 June. Which pays around $8-10 000 more per year, depending on the department, than my current job. And, I'm not so keen on the idea of moving to a whole new department and learning a new job when I'm pregnant.

So... What this meant, of course, was that we could be a bit freer for the past month in drinking alcohol and coffee, and not so worried about eating organically and so on. Oh, we haven't been awful, but we figured, if we're not trying again until December we can have July to relax, and then go back into conception preparation for August-November. The only part of this Chris doesn't like is that it means he can't drink in Melbourne, whereas we'd planned to be over the pre-conception phase by then.

Of course, my period's a day late now, so maybe he won't have to worry... or maybe it's just stress.