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Saturday, 26 May 2001

I have redesigned my site finally, as you can see. Not dramatically I suppose — I've kept the same ocean view and colours. But I decided it was really time to get rid of the 'splash' page, and to have my latest journal entry on the front page.

So what do you think?

Well, it is now possible that I am pregnant - moreorless. Meaning that I ovulated last Sunday, and Chris and I did the deed on the day and also on the Friday night, so... fertalisation of that egg could have occurred. If so, it should be just about down to the uterus by now, and hopefully thinking about implanting itself.

Part of me thinks we should have waited one more month - I'm still not fully over that cold I had a few weeks ago, and, well, I don't know... Another month would be a few hundred dollars more saved, and another month of eating well and looking after ourselves - and I would be another month fitter (my gym buddy and I were just starting to go back to the gym at the beginning of April - before I did all that travel, and then got sick!).

On the other hand, I really am hoping we succeeded. I will be a bit disappointed if my period comes right on time next weekend. Slightly relieved as well perhaps, but definitely disappointed. I am pretty excited by the whole prospect. So, we'll wait and see, and if I'm not pregnant, well, we'll just have to have some more fun next month (and maybe even put in a bit of practice beforehand!). And if I am — even better.