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Wednesday 26 September 2001

Thirteen weeks. Today we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time.

We had our first appointment with the midwife this morning, which took over and hour and a half, but was really worth it. She went through the whole program with us again, answered our questions, gave us lots of information and pamphlets about things like breast feeding, birth classes and vitamin K shots, and took medical information about us and our family history. Also made me do a urine test, which was all fine except it showed I was a bit dehydrated - which I could have told you any way.

And, found the heartbeat of the baby - she said we may not be able to hear it this early. Normally they don't do the first appointment until about 14-16 weeks, but because Chris was going to be away for all of October-November we had booked it for 13 weeks. Anyway, we could hear it, which was more exciting than I had expected.