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Monday, 28 January 2002

Australia Day public holiday (Australia Day being the 26th)

Back to work tomorrow, mores the pity, and my muscle strain still isn't really healed. I have spent most of the past week lying down, but last night we were having Chris's Dad and brother over for dinner, so I had a few things to do during the day and then was up all evening. By the time we got around to eating I was in quite a bit of discomfort. In fact, even now it's a bit sore.

I thought I might call my physio tomorrow and see if there's some sort of support strapping she thinks would be good, but of course I am very wary of the possibility of restricting blood flow to the baby.

Five and a half weeks to go before I go on mat leave - and then, if the baby's right on time, 4 weeks of leave before the birth. Boy am I looking forward to that. I thought maybe I'd even take the opportunity to finish of a story I've been working on for ever (but haven't touched for 12 months) or work on the children's book which I have also barely touched for 12 months. Although if this muscle strain hasn't healed....

Today my step father is installing one of the three bookshelves he's building us. It's very exciting, as we still have a number of boxes (a dozen or so I think) which we have to unpack - almost all books. This one is replacing a smaller one we already had, so it won't facilitate the unpacking of many boxes, but it will be a start. And it has a shelf just for CDs too, which should allow us to unpack the remainder of our CDs - and about time too. After all, it's getting on for a year since we moved in here.

Sitting at the computer does seem to aggravate the abdominal strain a bit (which bodes badly for work tomorrow) so I'd best leave it here.