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Monday, August 16, 2004
Not my last pregnancy?

This time next week I could be pregnant. Actually, I could be pregnant sooner than that, given that my last cycle was only 25 days. I could be pregnant within a couple of days, although that's not all that likely. And either way we won't know for at least another week or two.

We haven't decided yet whether this will be our last child. We only ever planned on having two, until Liam was born. But since then we've tossed around the idea of having three quite seriously. It's expensive, this business of having children. Some people say that shouldn't be a consideration in whether to have another, but it is.

But there are other things too.

Age, for instance. If we space them all apart by three+ years, Chris will be forty, or very close to, by the time the third child is born.

Career? Yes, believe it or not, I am starting to get why people feel frustrated by having to put their career 'on hold' during their children's baby years. And I'm not exactly career oriented!

Patience? Yep, that too. I have a friend who has two children and simply says that she loves her children incredibly, but she doesn't think she has the patience to cope with more than two.

But the thing is, I don't feel like this pregnancy - the one I am hoping to embark on very soon - is going to be my last. I feel like if it were, I would need to know that now. I would need to be able to say to myself, this is the last time I will be doing this. Pay attention.

On the other hand, wait till I am in the throes of all day pregnancy sickness and see what I say then.





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