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Friday, August 06, 2004
So, did I mentioned that we are, in theory, back on our preconception diet/detox? I say 'back' meaning we're on a second preconception diet, the first one having been pre-Liam.

What that basically means is no alcohol, no caffeine, trying to eat healthy, balanced meals. Lots of organic foods and not too many refined foods. At least, that's what it meant last time. Prior to trying to get pregnant with Liam we did this for four months (plus the couple of months of trying) and were pretty strict, most of the time. This time we only allowed about 3 months, because we suddenly decided to bring our baby making plans forward a couple of months ago, and so far we are not doing all that well. Still, hopefully we're doing well enough, because next month we plan to start trying for another baby.

And the exciting news is my best friend has just found out that her partner is pregnant, so if I get pregnant the first attempt (which of course I am fully intending) our second children will be even closer together than our first.










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